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Bum Strengthening Exercises

Starting with laying on your back with knees bent, lift your bum up into the air as high as you can. 

*Feet are shoulder width apart and not turned out or in

*The further away your feet are from your bum, the harder it is!

*You can also raise one leg off the floor (leg is not higher though than the other)

*You can raise up and down at various speeds, (the slower you go the harder it is) and you you can go up and down with your bum

  • To stretch your hip flexors and to strengthen bum, kneel with one leg up, and one leg down.

  • Tuck your bum under, so your hip bones move slightly up to the ceiling.

  • Only AFTER you’ve done this, gently push forward until you feel a stretch from the front of your hip, and down the front of your thigh. Make sure you keep your bum tucked under the WHOLE time.

Try this sequence (repeating it of course multiple times!) from Highland Wellness and Strength!

Keep your knee over your middle toe with feet pointing forward and core engaged.

Hands should be under shoulders, core should be engaged, head should be flat so spine is aligned.

Knees are always over toes when landing, taking off and in between, toes should be pointed to the floor, and when landing bum should be back as if sitting in a chair.

Use your hand to hold your head or lay flat on your arm. Use a resistance band. Spine should be aligned and hips should not move/lean back or forward when lifting leg.

Keep your knees over your toes and core engaged.

Keep your head down and squeeze your bum when lifting legs.

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