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Forever Highland Dance School

           Forever Highland Dance School is located in Rothesay, New Brunswick. We are a goal-oriented studio where it’s director, Kaitlyn Munn, and teachers, Meghan Thorne, Hannah Gray, and Kendra Kilpatrick work to teach each dancer about commitment, dedication, goal setting and achievement, work ethic, along with the technique and steps to graciously articulate this sport.

            Forever Highland strives to have as many dancers compete in competitions around Atlantic Canada, Canada, and the world. We also acknowledge and appreciate those who decide to dance recreationally. This being said, those who choose to compete, are required to perform their best with expected high standards of technique and represent Forever Highland accordingly. Forever Highland has had multiple dancers compete at the Provincial level to win a spot on the New Brunswick representatives team. Nationals, is the step before the World Championship Highland Dance Competition, which is held in Cowal, Scotland.

            With dancers already making leaps and bounds with technique improvement, and promising dancers moving up through the eligible competition levels, Forever Highland has a strong and promising representation of dancers. In August 2018, Kaitlyn and dancers ages 9-20 years travelled to Scotland to represent New Brunswick at the World Championships in Cowal, Scotland. Eligible dancers competed at the World Championship qualifying event along with other championship and non-championship events, dancing alongside dancers from across the world.

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