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Little Ones

This outfit consists of: 

  • white blouse

  • tartan skirt (any tartan/colour)

  • black underwear

  • white knee socks

  • white elastics or hair elastics to help hold up the knee socks

  • black ballet shoes or highland shoes

  • hair pulled back out of the face i.e. a bun

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.06.29 PM_edited.png

Kilt Outfit

Outfit consists of:

  • Hair in a bun

  • a) Velvet jacket with dickie or b) white blouse and dickie with velvet vest

  • Kiltie or Kilt (Kiltie is worn by younger dancers)

  • Black underwear

  • White socks until dancers are in the Intermediate competitive category and then they wear tartan socks that match their kilt

  • Elastics to hold up the socks

  • Highland dance shoes (which can either be laced with shoe lace or black elastic can be used. Whether lace or elastic, shoes are tied around the arch of the foot (not at the ankle) and should be wrapped tight enough the shoe does not fall off. 

  • Safety pins

National Outfit/Aboyne Outfit

This outfit consists of two options:

A) White dress

  1. White underskirt

  2. Plaidy aka the tartan piece that looks like a triangle over the right shoulder​

  3. Brooch (no bigger than the palm of your hand and no smaller than the circle of the "okay" sign you make with your thumb and pointer finger)

  4. Safety pins (lots!)

  5. Nylons (preferred for older dances and definitely Premier dancers)

  6. White ankle socks (you can just fold or roll down the knee socks to the ankle)

  7. White underwear

  8. Highland shoes

  9. Hair can be half back in a pony or braid, in a bun, in pigtail braids or one general braid. 

B) White dress with velvet pedalled vest and tartan skirt or white peasant blouse with pedalled vest and tartan skirt as well as all items listed above #'s 2-9.​

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.43.40 PM_edited.png

Pinning a Plaidy

This is a diagram that will hopefully be helpful when it comes to pinning a plaidy. There usually is someone there to help wherever "there" may be! 
Thanks Glenda MacNeil for the image!

Sailor's Hornpipe Outfit

  • Sailor's hornpipe hat

  • White or navy hornpipe dance styled top and pants (when arms are by the sides, the length of the sleeves should go to the last joint of the dancer's thumb; outfit should not be fitted, but should not be too loose either; pants should almost touch the floor).

  • White knee socks

  • Highland shoes.


Irish Jig

Outfit consists of:

  • White underskirt

  • Nylons

  • Irish Jig shoes (black, red, or green, or red and green)

  • White underwear

  • Apron

  • Hair in a bun

  • Common outfit styles include: Red or green dress; cummerbund (usually the opposite colour of the red/or green skirt that accompanies it, and a white peasant blouse; a jumper-styled outfit with peasant blouse, and an outfit similar to the aboyne outfit. As you can see there are a variety of options available however, check with a teacher before purchasing any outfit for any dance. 

  • A small shamrock may be placed at the bottom of the apron. 

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Things to remember:
  • DANCE CARD! Put this in your wallet or purse (whatever you bring everywhere). At a competition, a dancer will not get to keep her medals until proof of card is had. 

  • NO jewelry of any sort (if a dancer just got earrings, put a bandaid over them)

  • Safety pins

  • Extra pair of nylons

  • Garment bag

  • Extra hair supplies i.e. hair spray

  • Dance mats for warm-up

  • Cash to enter a performance venue or competition

  • Spray bottle for shoes

  • Water and non-messy snacks

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Competition Numbers
  • On a kilt, the number is safety pinned on the underside of the kilt/kiltie on the bottom left hand corner (when you are looking at the dancer).

  • On a national dress or aboyne outfit, the number can be pinned on the centre seam between the bodice and skirt or slightly off to the left side (when looking at the dancer). Basically, as long as the number can be seen and is along the seam, it is acceptable.

  • On a Sailor's Hornpipe outfit, the number is pinned along the bottom edge of the top as long as it can be seen. 

  • The pinning of a number on the Jig dress is similar to the aboyne outfit. 

Outfits and Details: Homepage_about
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