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Music can be ordered from heart of the highlands (, bought at a Highland Games or competition if there are vendors (some competitions do not have these though), or from iTunes. 

Typically, dancers under the age of 7 need the music: Pas de Basques, Pas de Basques and Highcuts, the Highland Fling (4), and Sword (2&1). After these four dances are mastered, they will learn the Seann Triubhas (3&1), Lilt (4), and Flora (4). From then on, the dancers should know what dances they need music for and how many steps are associated with them. Emails can always be sent for clarification. 

The number in brackets represents the number of steps the dance occupies (i.e. [4]). If there is an equation such as 3&1, it means there are 3 slower steps and 1 quick step, usually preceded by a clap that signifies the change in tempo. 

The most common music/CDs dancers use (as well as myself) are: Donald MacPhee-The Complete Collection 1 and 2 (ordered from heart of the highlands or another online Highland store), High Cut Above (available on iTunes), Leap and Rock Volumes 1 and 2 (from heart of the highlands or online store), Dance to the Piper (heart of the highlands or online store), and more. 

Online stores include:

and or .ca

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