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Our Classes

Classes are organized through a combination of a dancers' age, coordination, motor skills, technique, maturity, competition level, and dances known. Each dancer's class placement is discussed thoroughly through a discussion between all dance teachers.

Classes: Service

Introduction and Foundations

Highland One

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Second Years and Returning Beginners

Highland Two

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Depending on age, this class is for those in their second or third year of dance. Dancers in this class are continuing to gain a foundation in their technique thus, allowing them to learn the first few Highland dances. 

Advanced Pre-Premier

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This class expands on knowledge, dances, and technique acquired in Highland Two. More dances are learned and more time is spent on technique. Usually, at this stage dancers begin competing if they choose to.


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Dedicated to solidifying technique and performance of main dances, this is a 1.5 hour class for those who are showing commitment to this art and sport. Daily practicing is generally required, especially for those who compete. This class of dancers also attend various workshops and are preparing for the transition into the last class. Usually dancers are in this class for a few years or, until they move into the Intermediate or Premier level (depending on age).

Premier Competitive



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The dancers in this class are mostly elite dancers competing regularly across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as attending championships and nationals. Practicing is essential, and training focuses in on technique for a 1.5 hour class and junior or senior level championship dances in another class. Dancers get roughly 3 hours a week of Highland Dance, not including individual lessons.

Dancers must be enrolled in their respective category class to join the competitive class. This class is aimed for competitive students only and for those doing provincials, and emphasis is placed on the competition dances. This is a high paced class, focusing on championship steps, stamina, and training.


Choreography Classes

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Choreography classes are structured once a week classes. At Forever Highland, we have a Junior Choreography class and a Senior Choreography class. Each class is based off of a dancer's level and ability. Separate choreography instruction can also be provided for the choreographing of solos, duos, and trios. 

The introductory class for Highland dance. If dancers are older, they will begin in this class but, may move into Highland Two after Christmas (at the teachers' discretion). Basic technique and movements are learned in this class along with the beginning dances to set them up for success in their dancing.

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