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These are strengthening and conditioning exercises that we periodically do during warm-ups. It is important for dancers to be both strong and flexible so they can dance their best and their bodies are better able to handle what Highland expects from them.

Dancers always stretch following these exercises.

Core Buster

  • Plank for 2 minutes *make sure back is straight (bum is not up in the air or down too far)

  • 40 singles of "deadbugs" *push your belly button into the ground and do these slowly

  • 20 mountain climbers

  • 8 Burpees with leaps

  • 16 Squat jumps *knees need to be over middle toe with thighs pressed back

Blood Pumper

  • High knee runs for 30 seconds-1 min

  • Wide second bent knee hold-1 min

  • Bumb kick runs-1 min

  • Wide second squat jumps-16 *knees over middle toe

  • Bird dog to opposite arm's elbow touching opposite leg's knee-20x total

  • Downward dog to push up 8x

  • Bird dog holds (10 seconds 4x each side)


  • Plank for 2 minutes *make sure back is straight (bum is not up in the air or down too far)

  • R side plank (push hips forward so chest to knees is straight)-30 seconds

  • L side plank-30 seconds

  • R side plank-30 seconds

  • L side plank-30 seconds

  • Switching leg lunge jumps 20x

  • Sitting in Z position lift back leg then twist to the other side-8x each side

  • Frog jumps in 3rd changing feet 16x

  • Stand feet together legs straight & bend at waist holding arms then lift to flat back then repeat to hang 16x *use core to go to flat back to not injure/strain back

Core to the Floor

  • Side plank on knees each side 2x *remember side plank technique from "Elevation"

  • Plank-2 minutes

  • 20 singles of 4 count dead bugs (1, 2, 3, 4, switch 2, 3, 4)

  • Sitting on bum with legs bent and lifted, twist your core to touch behind you going from side to side-20 singles

  • Log lift (laying on stomach lifting chest off the ground) with arms in 3rd position-20x

  • One legged butt lifts (lay on back, bend knees, straighten one leg so it is no higher than the knee of the other, lift your bum off the ground)-8 on each side

  • Sideways squat walks (aka "crab walks")

Jump Technique

  • Plank-2 minutes

  • Wide second squat jumps-20x

  • One legged butt lifts-10 each side

  • Lunge twist squats with hans on head (go into lunge position [knees bent, feet both pointing forward] then twist to the side of the bent knee to look behind you)-8x each side

  • Turned out then turned in tondues (pointing to the front and coming back to feet parallel) *when pointing out to the front, the dancer should take about 8 slow counts to go through the flat foot to ball of foot to 1/2 point to full point and then reverse for another 8 counts

  • Jumps-16 in 1st, 16 on one foot, 16 on the other, repeat

All the Strength

  • Plank variation (on hands for 1-2 on elbows for 3-4)-2 minutes

  • Side planks-1 minute each side

  • One legged butt lifts-20 each side

  • 30 second Mountain Climbers

  • Downward dog position then raise your leg (8x each side)

  • 30 second Lunge Stretch Holds-4 each side *both feet facing forward with knees lined up with middle toe & core should be engaged so back is not arched

  • 30 second Mountain Climbers

  • 2 legged butt lifts-10 second holds 8x

  • Plank variation-1 minute

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