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Reverse Frog
  • Lay on your back with the bottoms of your feet together. 

  • Have someone put their hands on your knees.

  • As they push against your knees, you are going to push against their hands. Do this for 10 seconds, 4-8 times.

  • Lay on your stomach with the bottoms of your feet together for a few minutes.

The Clam
  • Lay on your side with your knees bent and arm supporting your head or arm straight with your head laying on your arm. 

  • Make sure your torso and hips are aligned (they should be perpendicular to the floor) and back is not arched.

  • Proceed to lift/open your top knee and then close it again. 

  • Do this many times on both sides.

  • *Level up: use a resistance band that is put around your knees 

Goalie Stretch
  • Go on to your hands and knees

  • Slide your knees out to the side

  • Go on to your elbows if you are flexible enough

  • Keep your back straight and core engaged

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