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More specifically, ankles, achilles, and plantar's fascia.  

At any time the dancer feels a lot of pain, they are to stop doing the exercise and seek assistance from Matt Forgie or another licensed athletic therapist.

While seated, laying down, or standing, draw the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) with each foot. Do this multiple times a day. This helps strengthen the ankle.

Use a long towel to put around your foot while sitting.

Holding both ends of the towel with your leg straight, pull the towel towards you while pushing down with the ball of your foot.

With a theraband or theraband rope, have both legs out straight.

Wrap the theraband around your foot sos you can pull from the side (as pictured). You will pull gently opposite directions with your foot and hand/arm. This helps strengthen the outside of your leg/ankle.

Using a bosu ball (find on Amazon), keep your balance while standing with both feet and then with one foot. Add knee bends, one footed balances, etc to increase the level of difficulty.

Holding onto a chair or wall (if needed), raise high on the balls of the feet going through the centre of the ball of your foot then lower. 

Tightness in the ankles, achilles, or fascia could be a result of a tight calve muscle. The calve muscle could be pulling the achilles which could be affecting the fascia. 

Keep your back straight, core engaged and hands in line with your shoulders. Go into the lunge position with both feet facing forward. Do this with a straight back leg or bent back leg. If your back leg is bent, move your foot in a bit so you can feel a good stretch without pain. 

Do this on stairs or some elevation where both feet can be off the floor. Keep one foot on the stair with the ball only and the other foot resting on the stair. Drop the heel of the foot that is on the ball as much as possible/comfortable. Stay here for a good minute.

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