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Feet are not the most pleasant of things and neither are toes...however, they are both important parts of the body for dancers!

Use a towel or blanket and scrunch your toes in order to scrunch/gather the blanket or towel.

Using a theraband, stretch out towards second and put your foot on the ball and then 1/2 point and repeat the movement from ball to 1/2 point multiple times.

Attach a theraband to your ankles and turn out your front foot. Put your front foot on the 1/2 point and then push away to 4th opposite 5th position. Repeat this.

Pick up marbles and drop them into a bowl or cup. The smaller the marble, the harder the game. 

Sitting down or standing, while keeping your ball of your foot, toes, and heel on the ground, lift the arch of your foot. Do this multiple times. 

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